Mermaid dressup is without a doubt one of the best ways to spice things up in the bedroom. This applies whether you are an old married couple or a couple of youngsters looking to have a good time. The key to successful sexy role-play is finding the right costume and creating an authentically intimate scenario.

The mermaid dressup costume is one of the hardest to pull of successfully. The costumes available may be difficult to work with making it more of a show than a sexy time with your significant other. However, when done right the results will be amazing with the form fitting yet revealing look being just what is needed to get the ball rolling. Below is information that should help you work with this character to create a sexy scenario that both you and your partner will enjoy.

Pulling Off The Look

With the mermaid dressup character, execution is key. Mermaids are obviously gorgeous, but they are not exactly considered the ultimate sex symbols. It is thus up to you to find a way to spice it up for the desired effect. The first thing to you need to do is to find a perfect costume that is both sexy and flattering. With this magical combination, you will be comfortable enough to go along with the scenario. And believe me, your partner will thank you for it. To really get into character, do not be afraid to go all out with the hair and makeup. This will help make everything a lot more authentic and will help take the sexy role play to a whole other level.

Setting The Mood

Once you are all dressed up and ready to go, the next step is setting the mood. With mermaid dressup scenarios, you are only limited by your imagination. The important thing here is to understand what turns your partner on and finding a way to work with the costume to achieve that. Below are 3 amazing scenario ideas that work perfectly with the mermaid dressup character.

1. Borrow from Disney

I don’t know about you but every time I hear the word mermaid the first thing on my mind is The Little Mermaid. This iconic character might be sweet and simple but with a few tweaks here and there, you can derive enough inspiration for the perfect sexy mermaid dressup scenario.

2. Dark Deadly Mermaid

Mermaids are not always sunshine and daisies. In fact in most folk tales, they are scary creatures that prey on vulnerable sea travellers. You may choose to channel this darker side of the theme. This is perfect if you are the type of girl who likes control as you get to play the role of predator in this scenario.

3. Mermaids and Pirates

Finally, you may choose to go the Jack Sparrow way and combine these two iconic role-play characters. This is perfect when you do not want to be the one doing all the work as your significant other also gets to actively participate in setting the scene.


Siren of the Sea

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A siren is a creature that is very like a mermaid. The main difference is that mermaids tend to help humans, while sirens enjoy luring sailors to their demise. With this costume, you will be the aquatic version of a siren from Greek mythology. Sirens used their sexy voices to attract sailors and get them to crash on the rocks. So you’ll need to work on your singing voice.


This costume is composed of a sexy corset, a fitted skirt, and a gold fin to cover your feet. If you really want to go for a glam look, wear a wig that has the matching colors.




Sexy Sea Creature

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From folklore to fashion icon, mermaid dressup costumes are becoming more popular. Its no surprise when you look at this costume. She may have just stepped out of the sea, but she certainly has not lost her fashion sense. While wearing this sassy ensemble, be sure to show off your spunky personality.


This amazing mermaid costume will transform you into a fashionista form the sea. The form fitting metallic green and turquoise dress, and flaring fins will make you the best dressed at any party you attend. This costume is very well made, and will fit you perfectly.


Mermaid Mistress

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Slinky, shiny, and oh so fishy. Not all mermaids are green or turquoise scaled, and adorable. Some are as black as the depths of the mighty oceans. Tired of playing the sweet, and shy little mermaid? Slip into this chic form fitting mermaid costume and unleash your twisted, villainous personality.


This dark looking mermaid costume is a new twist on a classic look. The skirt is stretch under layer and stretchy over layer so you have some comfortable give. Be sure to walk slowly so you don’t stretch the costume out at the knees. The patterns of the sequins and the overlay of netting on the skirt give it a twisty look.


Deluxe Mermaid

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You will look stylish and stunning while you are swimming around with the fishes, exploring old shipwrecks, and jamming under the sea. You will look stunning while you are showing off in this long skirt dress with a ruffle sweep.


The dress top functions as a corset, so will hold you in, and push you up. The bust is decorated with sequins and rhinestones. The skirt has an elastic waist, a center front slit, and a chiffon hem ruffle. The skirt has a metallic fish scale print to give that mermaid look. The form fitting look will be sure to flatter your hips and legs.


Ariel Disney Costume

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Mermaids usually can’t walk on land, but due to Ursula’s magic, Ariel was able to walk on land. Ariel, like you, is highly curious and wants to see all the things that land has to offer. Slip into this costume and become the magical mermaid Ariel.


We can’t guarantee that a prince will fall in love with you, or you will be able to sing magically, but anything is possible when you look this good. You will look sexy, but not going too far. The top is a purple twill corset with boning support, and a side zipper. The teal satin pencil skirt has a side zipper with a knit mesh overlay.


Sea Gem Siren

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You will certainly lure sailors to their doom with your seductive song, and this amazing looking mermaid dressup costume. This sleek costume will give you a stylish and sexy look that is perfect for a night on dry land. The shimmering fitted dress will make you look like a ravishing sea goddess.
This is a two piece costume consisting of a bra top, and snug fitting skirt. The turquoise material is a very comfortable spandex, and the sequined bra top is very flattering. To make this an even more elegant look, accessorize with pearls (not included).


Mermaid Godess

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Become an exquisite sea creature with such glam that you will create a tsunami wherever you swim. You will be a vision of a sexy sea goddess, both in and out of the water, in this front slit blue gown with intricate gold detailing. The polyester material feels good to wear, and will last.
This sexy costume comes with a turquoise gown with shell shaped underwire cups to give you extra support. There is also a sheer peplum, and sequin shell applique detailing. It includes armbands with trailing chiffon, and adjustable shoulder straps. The headpiece is not included.


Under the Sea

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Seeing an actual mermaid on land may shock some people, especially since you will be looking hot and sexy in this mermaid dressup costume. This costume is tight around the legs, so the bottom can resemble a tail. Be sure you can move around comfortable if you plan on doing a lot of walking.
This is a two piece costume composed of a bra that has been sequined and bedazzled, and a very high wasted spandex skirt. The pearls are not included, but you should consider wearing some accessories to make this costume pop.


Mesmerizing Mermaid

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Become a dazzling mermaid who is fulfilling her dream of walking amongst the land dwellers on your own legs. Embrace your taste for the undersea lifestyle in this nylon and polyester blend costume. The sequin skirt trails off to an elegant mesh fin. With proper care, this costume will last for multiple wearings.
This mesmerizing mermaid costume includes a sequined pink halter top, and a green sequined skirt. The seaweed boa, and wig are not included. Some mermaids dream about being part of our world, but this costumes makes a statement that you are fond of your own.


Golden Siren

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You will absolutely love this gold costume with its sequin accents and fine detail. This costume comes with a glamorous corset, and a V-shaped skirt ending at a flaring gold fin.The gold corset to has sequins all over with a side zipper. The corset back has lacing which allows a small amount of adjustments. The skirt waist is V shaped with a zipper at the back.
The skirt fits snugly, so be sure to take small steps. Stairs are probably best to be avoided. If you really want to complete the look you should use colored hair strands, and big eyelashes.

Tips To Help Spice Things Up

Having understood how to execute the style and set the mood, you pretty much have enough to work with as far as the role-play is concerned. However, there are a few tips you should have to ensure that everything turns out perfect. Below are 3 important things to remember when playing mermaid dressup:

  • Be confident. Your costume will show a lot of skin and you should be ok with that
  • Be creative. Don’t limit yourself to the plain old mermaid storylines
  • Have fun. It’s the whole point of going through all the trouble right?

Mermaid Dressup Summary

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that the mermaid dressup character is one of the sexiest. With perfect execution, it might just be what you need to make things interesting in your intimate life. The tips and guidelines above should go a long way to ensure that you have all the information you need to pull it off.

Just remember that the key to success in this case is confidence. So whether you have 6 pack or a nice healthy muffin top, you shouldn’t be afraid to try out this two piece look. That way the next time you choose to channel your inner Ariel for your man, you will both end up having the time of your life.