Russian Babe Katya Sambuca Bio

Singer and Glamour Model

Russian Babe Katya Sambuca Profile

DOB: August 27, 1991

26 years



Long Blonde

Green Eyes

5'7" Tall

112 lbs

“Most girls like muscles on a guy. But for me, the eyes are most sexy.”
Katya Sambuca

“Most girls like muscles on a guy. But for me, the eyes are most sexy.”
Katya Sambuca

Katya Sambuca Bio

Katya Sambuca is a Russian singer, and model who is known for her erotic music shows where she performs completely naked.

When she was 15 years old, she was picked to be the prototype of a childrens toy doll. The doll was called “Bobby” and was made in London in the image of Katya. Previous versions of the doll looked like Nicole Kidman, Avril Lavigne, and Jessica Alba.

Katya Sambuca is her stage name. She was born Yekaterina Mikhailova in St. Petersurg, Russia. Her father was a construction worker, and her mother a former gymnast. Katya has Swedish and Estonian roots, which come from her grandmother.

She was expelled from culinary school due to a porn scandal, and never obtained a secondary school education. She eventually found a job working in the Liverpool restaurant in St. Petersburg.

Her paths crossed with legendary Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, who was immediately drawn to her beauty. He was there celebrating his birthday and asked to have his picture taken with her. He gave her advice to follow a career that capitalized on her looks.

She married her high school sweetheart Bob Jack (aka Sergei Mikhailov) at the age of 16, and have a daughter named Zvana. Bob Jack gave her the nickname of Sambuca.

In 2008, Katya became girl of the year in the Chilean edition of Playboy. This helped to increase her international exposure, and gained her many more fans.

In 2014, Alexander Wroblewski started to create a mermaid statue with the face of Katya. The bronze statue weights over 170 lbs and can be found in Haapsalu town, which is located in Estonia.


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More About Katya Sambuca

Katya Sambuca tours all over Russia, and has performed in almost every major city. Her erotic shows have drawn hundreds of fans, mostly male. Though she writes her own music, this particular aspect of her career has never truly taken off. Her songs by themselves are of average quality. However, the overall production of her shows with her emphasis on the erotic continues to draw crowds.

Katya has had several plastic surgeries to enhance her appearance. She has had 3 breast enlargements to bring her to current busty status. The first enhancement was just shortly after the birth of her daughter.

Katya Sambuca is very active on her twitter social media account, and also on her VKontakte russian account. Between these two accounts alone, she has over 1 million followers. She posts a lot of sexy pictures, but doesn’t discuss any personal details. But then again, if you are a one of her fans, you are more interested in how she looks, and what she is wearing.

If I had to pick one model who looks like a Barbie doll, it would have to be Katya Sambuca. Her blonde hair, pouty lips, and enhanced breasts give her they typical blonde bimbo look.

“People are like musical instruments: their sound depends on who touches them.”
Katya Sambuca

“People are like musical instruments: their sound depends on who touches them.”
Katya Sambuca

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