The furry roleplay costume theme is a classic as far as sexy role-play is concerned. Whether you go simple with a simple fur coat or you go all out dressing up in an animal costume, there is no denying the effectiveness of this style. As with any other role-play costumes, perfect execution is the secret to success with furry pieces. The last thing you want is to end up looking like a cute asexual little bear; unless of course that is what works for you and your significant other. To make your life a whole lot easier, below are a few tips and guidelines that should help you get the most out of your furry roleplay experience.

Costume Execution

The sexy furry roleplay costume theme is one of the most versatile styles you will ever get to work with. You literally have more than half of the entire animal kingdom to derive inspiration from. As far as costume execution goes, you have two main options.

The first is to fully cover up and go all feral with a full animal costume. In order to pull this off without coming across as some kind of weirdo, you need to make sure that this is the kind of stuff that your significant other is into.

If this is not their cup of tea, your other option is working with sexy animal inspired outfits. An example in this case is a two piece number with some sort of animal print and a furry feel. You may also choose to take it a notch higher and include attached tail pieces or animal ears for more authenticity. More often than not, this alternative is the better choice with the sexy revealing nature of the outfit being just what you need to set the intimate mood.

Furry Roleplay Character Scenarios

In addition to unlimited costume ideas, the sexy furry roleplay theme allows you to come up with very many interesting and exciting scenarios. Below are 4 that you can never go wrong with.

1. Animal Fight

This scenario requires team effort where your partner needs to dress up as well. Depending on your couple style, you may choose to either work with the same animal costume or different ones.

2. The Attacker

This is a scenario perfect for the alpha female personality. As the attacker, your animal character gets to be in charge. Costumes inspired by natural predators help make this theme a lot more authentic for the desired effect. It is also perfect when working with the sexy revealing costumes.

3. The Cute Naughty Bunny

For some reason, skimpy kitten and bunny outfits have for a long time been considered the ultimate sex symbols as far as furry roleplay is concerned. I guess we have brands like playboy to thank for that. This costume works perfectly with submissive scenarios allowing you to use your cuteness as your weapon. You can rest assured that this is one of those scenarios you can never go wrong with.

4. The Fur Coat and Birthday Suit Combo

Finally, you can channel your inner vixen with this daring role-play idea. It may not be all the way feral but it is a great way to incorporate fur into your storyline. Whether you decide to take the role of a hotel mistress or a dutiful wife, you can rest assured that this combo will not disappoint.


Lovely Leopard

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There really is not much to this to this sexy leopard furry roleplay costume, but that is the entire point. This outfit will show off all of your best assets, leaving every guy at the party with their jaws dropped. This hot and sexy outfit comes with a tiny dress, and a hood.


The leopard print dress will show off your legs, and much more. There is a furry chest design that matches the furry hood. The leg warmers are not included, so you will want to also buy these to complete this hot and sexy look.





Frisky Wearwolf

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Howl under the moon in this sexy and frisky werewolf costume that features a red plaid mini print dress, with a torn him. This outfit also comes with mini red satin bows, an attached tail, wrist cuffs, headband, and the furry leg warmers.


This costume is made of sturdy material, that also looks fantastic. The faux fur is good quality, and will not shed. You will have an easy time stalking your many prey since you will look oh so hot and sexy. This sexy costume is perfect for showing off some skin, but not going too far.


Pink Puff Dress

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Be a little mischievous in this hot pink furry roleplay outfit. This tube dress is form fitting, and is a bit on the sheer side, so be prepared for a lot of attention. This costume comes with the dress, gloves, and furry hood.


The Velcro on the choker can sometimes not stick, but you can always use a safety pin to hold it in place. The leg warmers are sold separately, so you will need to buy them separately to complete this hot look.

Be bold, daring, and let your inner best come out and play.


Purple Posh Dress

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Your wild and sexy side is calling. Its telling you to wear this hot purple furry costume to your next party, and get a little crazy.

This purple monster dress has dot print bodice, green jagged trim with purple bow detail.


The skirt is a layered green and purple and comes with a matching furry purple monster shrug with attached hood.
Most costume tops either are awful quality or make you look like you have no chest at all, but this polyester material will fit snugly and will make you look amazing.


Fuzzy Moster Costume

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You will cause a roar this Haloween in this fuzzy monster costume. Trust me. No one will ever look at monsters the same again, after you wow them.
This super cute Monster’s Inc. inspired costume features a turquoise and purple fitted mini dress, a patterned bodice, plus a zig zag skirt.


The furry monster hood with the cartoony eyes add an extra level of fun to this sexy furry roleplay costume. This is a great choice for those looking for an alternative animal costume, or a fun and furry Halloween costume. The leg warmers and stockings are sold separately.


Melody Monster

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You will love this costume as soon as you see it.
It is a fun costume with bright colors as shown in the picture. This Melody Monster costume includes a pink and green, dotted mini dress with a matching furry monster hood. The pom pom ties and large monster teeth give this costume an even more fun and flirty look.


The green fuzzy needs to be fluffed out to give it the best look. You may find the skirt a bit short, but you can always wear colored tights. The leg warmers are not included, and we also suggest getting fuzzy paws to add more fun to this look.


Party Dino Costume

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Rock your next party in this very sexy dino costume.
This three piece furry roleplay costume comes with a furry bikini top, a foil dot ruffle butt bikini bottom, and a furry dino hood with an extra-long tail. The disco ball ties are fun and can be twirled around while you are dancing. Be sure to flail your tail a bit too.


If you are thinking this costume is a bit too revealing, you can always add a body stocking to provide a bit more cover, but still look sexy. The rainbow leg warmers are not included.


Furry Monster Hood

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Look scary and sexy. This furry monster costume comes with a zipper front petticoat dress with stitching detail, a choker, and a furry monster hood. The stretch knit mini dress has red stitch detail, and a layered hemline with a red zig zag overlay. The pom pom ties are nice decorative element. The mohawk fluff and odd looking eyes will make you look sexy and scary at the same time.


You will need to iron and air out the costume once you receive it. This is a great quality costume that is very soft and warm. The outfit does not come with the legwarmers, panty hose, or the gloves.


Polar Bear Costume

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Growl like a polar bear. You will look amazing in this sexy polar bear costume.
This furry roleplay outfit comes with a zipper front dress, and an ear hood with fur trimmed details. It also has fun paw ties for that extra bear look.


The material is not too stretchy so be sure to get the proper size, so you are not disappointed. This outfit is very flattering, sexy and super short. Exactly what you want. The material is a bit transparent so you may want to wear something underneath.


Hungry Werewolf

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Feel the power of the moon as a hungry, but sexy, werewolf.
This sexy but scary costume is sure to have everyone around you howling at the moon. This hot costume will be sure to get you lots of compliments. When the full moon is out, and the music is pumping, you can’t help but dance the night away.


This black and red accented dress with tattered pink plaid overlay will give you a look that is sure to be remembered. The fur shawl gives just the right amount of wild. This costumes comes with the dress, leg warmers, furry arm pieces, neckpiece and tail.

Tips To Spice Up The Role-Play

Every sexy role-play idea has its own unique set of rules in order to ensure successful execution. Having understood how to pick out the costume and formulate sexy scenarios, below are 3 very important tips to help you take things to the next level;

  • Go wild or go home
  • There’s a fine line between sexy and weird with furry costumes; don’t cross it
  • Know your audience and give them what they want

Furry Roleplay Summary

With all this information and guidelines provided above, you have all you need to work with sexy furry roleplay costumes for a fun boudoir experience. It is a very versatile costume idea leaving you with a lot as far as options are concerned. With so much variety on the table, understanding what turns you and your partner on is the most important thing.

This will allow you to settle not only for the best ideas but also for the best scenarios to ensure successful sexy role-play. So if you are looking to let the wild animal inside you take over to spice things up in your relationship, you should seriously consider furry roleplay costumes.