The difference between a fairy and you is that your wings are hidden inside your heart. The fairy part caught my attention and trust me, ladies; it will catch his too if done right. To get you started, here’s the sexy fairy dressup and role-play guide.

Why are Guys Turned on by a Sexy Fairy?

A girl dressed as a fairy is almost every guy’s dream. Fairies ooze intelligence, confidence, and tons of sex appeal. When I first wore my fairy costume, my guy was speechless and in could tell by his reaction that I didn’t have to do much from there onwards.

However, it wouldn’t be roleplaying if there wasn’t a little teasing and fun in it now, would it? Guys enjoy the sensation of getting their bodies touched by the soft hands of a fairy. You can literally feel their heart throb with a gentle stroke across their chest.

It’s not just the costume that catches their attention and brings them to the palm of your hands, but the whole concept of a fairy. The thought of fairy dust and the ability to take them to another world is enough to create a magical experience in the bedroom. Not to mention, they are all obsessed with the idea of a happily ever after.

Even better, there are different types of fairies from forest fairies to gothic fairies, kitten and even dream-night fairies. You can ignite some fire in your bedroom with a sexy fairy dressup costume and watch pixie dust engulf a magical experience that will leave a lasting impression. He will always be yearning for the next trip to Disneyland.

How to Roleplay as a Sexy Fairy

To pull off a sexy fairy dressup scenario, you must first know as much as you can about fairies. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not just about the costume. You have to get into character and exude the confidence and appeal that fairies radiate. You can use catch phrases such as, be nice to this fairy, for she has a tender heart and when her feelings are hurt she cries.

The objective is to get your better half to grow into his character if there is one or provoke his imagination to things he can do or say. Fairies have a sweet tooth and often use dragons or unicorns as their means of transportation. We’ll get to how this fact can help you in a role-play scenario later but first, more about fairies.

These magical creatures also have extreme emotions. So whether you are playing as the dark or the sweet fairy, you need to show it and own the fairy character you choose for your adventure. Fairies are also attracted to glittery things and are very kinky and smart. So don’t be afraid to toy with him a little bit, introduce some unpredictability and as much as you are required to be playful, make it a little dangerous.


Delicious Rose Fairy

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You don’t need to have Peter Pan around when you are looking amazing. As soon as you put on this Delicious Rose Fairy costume, you’ll be the sexiest sprite in your very own magical kingdom. Peter Pan and The Lost Boys could never catch this provocative pixie. It’s time that you ditch Neverland and party in the big city.
This costume features a pink and green mini dress with one sleeve. The dress is accented at the shoulder and waist with a fabric rose. The smaller sized wings are perfect for clubbing or attending a costume party.




Flirtatious Fairy Costume

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Flirt with everyone in the forest in this Flirtatious Fairy costume. This costume will remind everyone how much magic Tink brings wherever she goes. Don’t be surprised if Captain Hook tries to lure away from Peter Pan. You will look that amazingly sexy.
This costume has an iridescent corset with sequins accented with pearl trim. This costume has leaf cups, flower accents, crystal organza and a layered charmeuse skirt. The look is completed with the floral headpiece, lace arm cuffs, and pink wings.


Enchanted Fairy Costume

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Don’t be stuck deciding what to wear to your next fairy ball. You will look stunning in this Enchanted Fairy dressup costume. Feel the magical power wash over you as you slip in to this sexy outfit. You won’t even need your magical pixie dust when you are looking this good.
The gold trimmed, corset styled dress will give you an extra sexy and luxurious look. The costume is made from genuine spandex fabrics for both fit and comfort. This costume is designed to hug your curves, and show off your legs. The shoes are not included, so add some sexy heels.


Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

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You will make everyone green with envy as you float into the party room wearing this Tinkerbell Fairy Costume. Most people don’t believe in fairies, but when everyone sees you in this costume, you can be sure that they will believe.
This mint green sexy fairy costume has an adjustable skirt. To complete the look, this costume comes with a headpiece, pouch, wings, and sleeves. The shoes are not included, so you will want to get some gold sandals, or some hot high heels to match the costume. You can also bring along some magical fairy dust to cast your spells.


Monarch Butterfly Fairy

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Spread your wings in this sexy Monarch Butterfly fairy dressup costume. You will be sure to dazzle everyone at the party, especially since the wings light up using next generation LED lights.
This dazzling costume is made from 100% polyester stretch knit and satin fabrics. The stretch knit bodice has printed satin overlays to capture that butterfly look. The black ribbon halter top straps tie behind the neck. The skirt has overlapping layers of satin to give it a fuller look. The nylon knit mesh wings have elastic shoulder straps. You may want to add a petticoat and sexy shoes to finish the fairy dressup look.


Rebel Tink Costume

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Go for the rebellious Tink look in this classic forest green costume. You’ll be sure to blend into the green forest, allowing you to sneak up on Captain Hook. Tinkerbell may be small, but you will feel powerful in this sexy costume.
This costume comes with a green dress with gold detailing on the bodice. The skirt has green and white petal overlays with shiny gold lace. The detachable wings have a metallic mesh stretched over a wire frame. Be warned that the skirt is a bit on the short side. This costume goes great with some gold sandals, which are not included.


Fairy-licious Costume

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All of the other fairies will be jealous of you in this hot and sexy costume. Don’t be afraid to use your fairy dust. With your sexy and sweet demeanor, just wave your wand to make everyone think happy thoughts.
This costume will make you look like the perfect Tinkerbell, letting you distract Captain Hook, or get Peter Pan’s attention. This costume has a stretch knit dress with a holographic shimmering print, a corset bodice, a rhinestone neckline, with a tutu flair out skirt. You also get green fairy wings, and a star wand. The shoes are not included, so pick out some sexy sandals to match the costume.


Blue Fantasy Fairy

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If you are tired of the typical pink or green fairy costume, then you will love this Blue Fantasy Fairy dressup costume. Wearing this, you will be sure to get into some magical mischief. Most people don’t believe in fairies. But after seeing you in this sexy outfit, you will be sure to make a believer even out of everyone.
This costume has a shimmering blue dress with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice laces up, and the skirt is layered with tiers of blue, light blue, and black material. The hair accessory, stockings, and shoes pictures are not included.


Tinkerbell Costume

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You will certainly look like you belong in Neverland when you are wearing this classic Tinker Bell costume. This costume features a glittery green strapless mini dress and crystal fairy wings.
This detailed and classic looking costume has a creative and enticing look. Spread your pixie dust all over the party while you are wearing this alluring costume. You will be surprised at the quality that goes into the making of this costume. This costume will show off your legs and your curves. Add some sexy heels and you are ready to spread the magic.


Fairy Corset Dress

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You won’t need faith, trust, or pixie dust to fly this Halloween when you show up in this stunning Fairy Corset dressup costume. This sexy rendition of the classic Tinkerbell look is made modern with the corset designed dress. This will give you a nice hourglass shape, and show off your legs. The skirt is a bit short so you may need some bootie shorts, or a thong if you are feeling adventurous.
The costume has a steel boned corset dress and wings. The dress has a sweetheart neckline and is made of high quality sequin fabric. There is a side zipper with a privacy panel behind the zipper for comfort.

Sexy Fairy Dressup Scenarios

You can play a dark fairy with schemes to take over the forest kingdom. After all, according to fairies, there is no law stronger than that of magic. You can approach your partner and ask them to be your helper with the hope of a reward at the end of your quest. Nothing intrigues a guy more than a mystery quest with the promise of a reward.

Alternatively, you can be a princess seeking to return to her kingdom and use your partner as a unicorn or dragon. My first sexy fairy role-play was a princess and after I was saved. I turned my champion into a unicorn after promising him I’d take him into my kingdom. You can also play the kind and caring fairy that takes care of all their partner’s needs.

Fairy Dressup Summary

A fairy dressup is a hot way to put some spark into your sex life. There are hundreds if not thousands of costumes to choose from online and with a thorough understanding of your partner, you can make some memories neither of you will forget in a long time. Remember, the secret is owning your character and exuding as much confidence as possible.