Elegant Electric Elise Laurenne Cosplay

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Elegant Electric Elise Laurenne Cosplay

DOB: September 15, 1987

30 years



Long Brown

Brown Eyes

5'3" Tall

110 lbs

“My favorite costume character is Anti-Gwenom .”
Elise Laurenne

“My favorit costume character is Anti-Gwenom .”
Elise Laurenne

Elise Laurenne Bio

Elise Laurenne is a female cosplayer living in Toronto, Canada with her pet dog. She first got an eye for cosplay at just 5 years old from going to various fan expos with her family and seeing other likeminded people dressed as cosplay characters.
Elise then decided she would start to cosplay herself at twelve years old – her first inspiration being the childrens’ anime Cardcaptors.

The first cosplay Elise Laurenne dressed as was a character from Elfen Lied, something she jokes may be a little risqué for a twelve-year-old to be doing! This got Elise hooked on the cosplay life and decided this would be a perfect hobby to pursue. Elise Laurenne Cosplay Profile started to grow, and now luckily enough for her she has made a fully-fledged career out of what started as a hobby.

Elise has spent many years perfecting her DIY cosplay outfits and is quickly gaining recognition and a large following within the cosplay community. A few of Elise’s signature cosplays include her original, sexy and provocative Anti-Gwenom, which just so happens to be her own personal favourite. The outfit features long black claws and a tight metallic white body suit with spidermans iconic colours – it’s no wonder it’s her favourite! She personally crafted the sharp claws while her boyfriend, Brandon Gilbert owner of Arachnid Studios, helped design the rest of the outfit.

Elise Laurenne has also cosplayed characters from some of our favourite games, such as the cutesy D.Va from the Overwatch franchise. When asked if Elise would ever play a genderbend cosplay look, she said that she would probably choose to be Zenyatta from the Overwatch games. Other characters that Elise has cosplayed include Batman’s Harley Quinn, the Punisher and Samus Aran from the Metroid series.


Elise Laurenne Pics

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More About Elise Laurenne

Elise Laurenne is a huge fan of Spiderman with most of her cosplay looks inspired by characters from the Spiderman franchise. Her favourite comic book turned movie is Spiderman: Homecoming.

She is a huge fan of body modification with a black and grey half sleeve design on her right arm, stretched earlobes and a septum piercing.

You can usually find her turning heads at Comic Con, BlizzCon and the other renowned events dressed in her beautiful creations of our most loved characters from both games and comics. With the rise of her loyal fans, the demand for Elise Laurenne is higher than ever with frequent international visits to worldwide comic and gaming events.

Elis’s inspiration for her cosplay costumes is heaving influenced by her passion for gaming. Elise is a keen gamer with over 5,000 followers on her Twitch account. A large percentage of her donations from Twitch are reimbursed back into her creative cosplay outfits, which clearly shows how much of a burning desire she has to wow us all with her costumes and looks. A few of Elise’s favourite video games include Overwatch and Players Unknown Battleground.

Elise Laurenne also has online profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a combined follower count of over one million. In 2017, Elise released a link to her first calendar for the year 2018 which is stocks very limited quantities with each copy sold signed by Elise herself. Working on Suicide Girls and MFC.com is a very big part of Elise Laurenne’s internet persona with many of her fans supporting her on both of these websites.

“I started cosplaying at the age of 12. I’ve been going to fan expos since I was 5 years old.”
Elise Laurenne

“I started cosplaying at the age of 12. I’ve been going to fan expos since I was 5 years old.”
Elise Laurenne

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