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Top Model Adrianne Curry Cosplay

DOB: July 6, 1982

35 years



Long Brown

Green Eyes

5'10" Tall

134 lbs

“I am not going to change. I refuse to be a diva.”
Adrianne Curry

“I am not going to change. I refuse to be a diva.”
Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry Bio

It is possible that you know Adrianne Curry from My Fair Brady, or from the America’s Next Top Model Festival, or from her successful years of modeling. But, you may not know that she is equally a great fellow geek who does some of the unsurpassed cosplay on the globe.

Adrianne was initially a co-host on a television game show called Ballbreakers. In the year 2002 she was featured on Gameshow as a superstar panelist on the Match Game episode. In 2003 Curry then starred in Half & Half and in Rock Me Baby’ in 2004 on UPN. She also appeared on Dirt where she starred alongside Courteney Cox. Along with her husband Christopher Knight, she additionally appeared in Just the Girl’, which was a rocks band’s The Click Five music video.

In 2005 she appeared on The Surreal Life Forth season and in 2006 she was featured on Celebrity Paranormal Project, which was actually VHI’s science fiction show. By 21st January 2008 Curry had successfully completed her breast enhancement procedure and was featured on the third season of My Fair Brady. On the same years, Adrianne, her family and friends were featured on Celebrity Family Feud, a program that was broadcasted on NBC.

In 2010 she was hired as an expert Resident Celebrity Gamer panelist reviewer on a PlayStation Network reality program called The Tester. In 2011 she hosted live coverage for both E3 and Blizzcon. She once hosted a show named World of Heroes on the Stan Lee YouTube Channel.


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More About Adrianne Curry

After the airing of the season finale of My Fair Brady on 6th November 2005 on VH1, Christopher Knight proposed to Adrianne. The TV show was recommenced for another season that started in June 2006, and majorly focused on the preparations of Curry’s wedding. On 29th May 2006, Curry & Christopher wed in Curry’s hometown Joliet in a gothic style.

In the year 2007, Knight and Curry were both featured on the Dr. Phil Show to particularly discus their marital concerns on an episode that was dealing with large age gaps in marriage and relationships. Based on the show, most particularly Christopher’s hurtful comments, Dr. Phil concluded that the style of arguing was a strong indicator of forthcoming divorce among the couple.

On 29th May 2011 the couple announced their formal separation. They in turn filed divorce on 19th August 2011 and it was fully concluded in the year 2013. During the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, Curry played a role in which friend was somewhat sexually harassed. Curry who in the cosplay was named Catwoman defended her friend by counter-attacking the assailant by hitting them using her hilt of bullwhip. She then quickly drove the attacker away. As a result of the proficiency of the scene, Curry was named as one of the top ten most renowned cosplayers of 2014.

Despite her personal life challenges, Curry is definitely hoping to hit more trends in the cosplay industry. She is greatly optimistic that she will still keep the fire burning throughout her career. With the great achievements she has already made she can surely make it.

“My life’s going to be good now. My family’s life is going to be good now. Everything is going to change…..and it kicks so much ass.”
Adrianne Curry

“My life’s going to be good now. My family’s life is going to be good now. Everything is going to change…..and it kicks so much ass.”
Adrianne Curry

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